Keeping Tomorrow Green

We all have a role to play in protecting our future and at Superspan Gutters we are no different. Our brand new Fiat Ducato vehicles run on the newer, cleaner and all be it more expensive diesel, having only 50 parts of sulpher per million as apposed to the older fuel being 500 PPM

Company policy is FREE connection of all new downpipes to water-tanks. We also design your gutter system in such a way as to maximize water harvesting with various gadgets and systems to ensure the cleanest possible water into the tanks free of debris and sand.

Asbestos products removed from buildings are disposed of responsibly through the use of qualified waste contractors who will issue certificates should this be required.

As far as possible we support only SABS approved companies e.g. Marley whose PVC products are UV stabalised thereby vastly increasing there lifespan, as apposed to other many inferior non-SABS makes sold which discolor with time and become brittle.

And so we are working toward a Green future for ourselves and future generations.


Mobile no: 083 775 1231

Tel: 033-342 9412 / 033-342 5426


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